Learning from mistakes and successes in double badminton

Badminton has two types of play: singles and doubles. Every kind of play has its unique playing characteristics. Doubles will force players to be more focused and faster in their reactions.

Double badminton is an essential part of competition and practice. It allows players to maximize their strengths and minimize mistakes. You must also hit your opponent’s weak spots and encourage each side’s power. This article will focus on the double badminton technique.

1. Double badminton: Common mistakes

Many people need to improve when performing techniques for moving and ballistic players.

Weak mobility

The way you move is crucial in double badminton. Poor movement can cause you to lose strength and slow down. It is more dangerous to lose balance, fall, and collide with your teammates to expose the weaknesses in the field to your opponent. Learn more about how to move.

As if he were to turn his head back

Many people, especially new players, tend to lean backward. Badminton doubles are fast, and the movement and speed are swift. This means you will need more time to observe your teammates and will lose focus. You are more likely to get a “kick” from your teammates if you turn your back.

Multiple crossings

Crossing the pitch is a great tactic. However, too many can prove counterproductive. You will be caught and taken by surprise. Your opponent will choose your next hit and the best spot to capture the shuttle from you. Crossroads in doubles will allow your opponent to react more quickly. In some cases, this will result in the unanticipated. Use it only when your opponent is in an unfavorable position for you to pick up your shuttle.

Too many clear hits

When you lose, take clear shots. You will need to be able to return to your prepared position to take the next shot. Clear strokes are an excellent opportunity for opponents with powerful smashes and the advantage of attacking. Clear strokes are a perfect way to win if you use them often. Players must use a variety and smash the drive to make it difficult for opponents to judge their play.

2. Double badminton competition: Experience

These are 2 examples of the most popular double badminton technique.

Attacked by smash

Smash attacks can make it very difficult to become a new player after being attacked. You can perform a shuttle phase if you are being attacked with smash phases by doing the following:

Two people must agree beforehand to choose the best location for raising the stadium. A player must lift the bridge high, remove the net, or cross the bridge.

– If the bridge is raised, two people must decide where the stadium will be located. A person from the first yard and a person from the second pitch must agree in advance. A defender must be present to clear the field, to drive or drop shots, and a person should always be near the net.

– Both players must lower their center gravity when they defend, with their backs slightly bent, so they don’t lose their posture. Two legs should be spread wide, and the racquet should be placed across their faces. The wrist holding the racket should be tight enough.

Double badminton: How to position yourself on the court and how to move

The shuttle must cross the person to catch the net. If the person is not visible, the shuttle should lower the person so the next person can see it. Avoid excessive movement, as this will make the person lose their focus and cause them to remove the shuttle.

It would help if you only moved in the yard when the bridge is raised. If the person behind the bridge is not raising it, they must run towards the net. You must proactively move back from the support if you notice that the person in front of you is beating you 3 times in succession.

– If your partner has a weak or strong partner, the more impotent man will be the one who stands on the net. The person who hits the ball is more important than the court. You can also play in the yard if you are on the same level.