Things you should know about badminton


To win a set, you must score 21 points, and you must win two sets out of three to advance.

To win a set, you must score a total of 21 points. As a result, the set is decided by whoever scores the first 21 points. If you want to win the match, you’ll need to win two sets out of three in order to do so. If both players have 20 points each, the set is won by the player who scores 22 points each, because there should be a two-point difference between the players’ scores. This can add up to a maximum of 30 points in a single round.

The racket or the player’s body should never make contact with the net during a game.

You should avoid making contact with the net at any point during the game, as this will result in a foul, and the point will be replayed.

If you want to play the point, your racket must not cross over the net and make contact with the shuttlecock. You can only play net shots if the shuttle is on your side of the net when the game is being played. You are not permitted to cross the net with your racket in order to play the point, and doing so is considered a foul.

If a shuttlecock is being hit during the serve, it should always be hit from below.

Always make sure that the shuttle remains below your waistline when you are delivering the serve. Until the shuttlecock is released, you are also not permitted to come into contact with any of the lines on the tennis court.

You are not permitted to strike the shuttlecock more than once during a single exchange.

It is possible to hit the shuttlecock only once until it reaches your opponent’s side of the court when it is on your side of the court. If you do not adhere to it, you will forfeit the point and your opponent will receive it.

Always keep your feet inside the service box when serving and your feet inside the receiver box when receiving orders. When serving, you must ensure that you are inside the service box, and when receiving, you must ensure that you are inside the receiver box. If you cross the line of the box during service, you are considered to have committed a foul.